2019 State Titles team lists

Congratulations to the following players who have been selected to represent BMB at the upcoming State Titles.

Little League team in alphabetical order:

Brockie Jessie
Dowse Sam
Duke Caleb
Duncalfe Alexander
Foster Will
James Travis
Moore Luka
O’Brien Cooper
Read-Marczack Oliver
Romero Rubens
Shimizu Sebastian
Strickland Max
Teichman Cooper
Wheeler Ryan

Junior League team in alphabetical order:

Bartlett Jackson
Bell Lawson
Feenstra Tom
Harris Robert
Johnson Luke
McKee-Pflaum Zac
Miller Jock
Nel Emile
Polidano Will
Ramirez Juan Manuel
Romero Raul
Sakzewski Tyler
Walmsley Ben
Watson Remington

Senior League squad in alphabetical order:

Surname First Name
Anthony Joshua
Field Joseph
Grounds Jackson
Holdsworth Dante
Lemm John
McCaw Maxwell
McClelland Cain
Merson Zac
Orr Damon
Richters Billy
Snell Hayden
Valdez Gabriel
Van Hilst Caylan
Vankan Jesse
Wallace Callum
Weier Xavier
Zaryc Ryne

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